4 Reasons Why You Should Hire Someone Now

In these tough economic times, you may have made the decision to place a hiring freeze in your business, but it may be costing you more than you think.

  1. Your business may be unable to grow because you are spending too much time focusing on things that should be delegated to someone else.  I know from personal experience that just because you can multi-task doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.
  2. Overworking your current employees may cause them to burn out or worse cause them to seek employment elsewhere.
  3. There are so many people who are eager to have a new job that this is your chance to attract some top talent for your company.
  4. Hiring someone will support other businesses in the area.

According to Monster.com this may be your chance to find an exceptional quality employee, help out a family in need and become a hero!  As you know Hertz Rent-a-Car’s headquarters is moving into this area and there will be spouses and other family members who are looking for work; this is your chance to snap them up as soon as they arrive.

If you have not done so already go to the Bonita Springs Chamber Job Spot and register for a free account.  As a chamber member, you will be able to post jobs and view resumes of registered job seekers at Bonita Springs Chamber Job Bank.

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