5 Tips for Social Media – Courtesy of Kate Walter & Phyllis Ershowky of PKE Marketing & PR Solutions

1. Stay “on brand”- Before you begin posting to any social media site, you’ll need to consider the brand or image that your company wants to convey. Are you a healthcare facility that prides itself on educating patients and being on the cutting edge of new technology? If so, then you’ll want to tailor your posts to include information on new medical advancements in your field, new services you’re offering, new technology that is available, etc. Followers already like your business, so make sure you’re providing them with information they’re interested in.

2. Develop a plan- Have you ever stopped what you’re doing in the middle of the work week and thought, “When was the last time I posted to Facebook?” We’ve all been there. But, to save time and also to ensure that you’re staying on brand (refer to tip #1), you should develop a social media plan. If your goal is to post once a week for a year, then create a plan that achieves that goal. Draft the posts, include links, photos and hashtags and save the document to refer to later. Obviously, the plan might change if you have breaking news to share, but this will give you an outline and a good place to start from instead of scrambling to determine what you’re going to post next. 

3. Be sensitive to current events- If you use a program like HootSuite that allows you to schedule your social media posts in advance, you will want to be particularly aware of what’s happening in the news. If you have a post scheduled for Monday announcing a title sponsor for your upcoming special event and a natural disaster just occurred, you might want to wait to share your good news until the next day. By staying aware of the social climate, you’ll inevitably save your company negative feedback and you’ll also score points with your followers for being considerate and thoughtful. 

4. Consider your target audience- Are you looking to engage current clients or trying to break into a younger demographic? What do you want your social media page to achieve? Consider whom you’re targeting when you create posts. You will want to not only include information that would be interesting to these audiences, but also use language, visuals and even video that is appropriate for that demographic and will grab their attention. 

5. Find ways to evaluate- After all your hard work, you’ll want to be able to prove that it was successful! If your goal was to increase overall Facebook “likes” by ten percent within a six month period, you can use your Facebook Insights to determine if you achieved this goal. More and more companies are looking to prove that social media is improving their bottom line and social media sites are making it easier to measure your results. So put those evaluation tools to use!


Tips courtesy of Kate Walter and Phyllis Ershowsky of PKE Marketing and PR Solutions.

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