Advanced Networking (2-Part Series)


Contact: Pam Russell

Telephone: 239-430-0081

Date, Time and Location 

Thursday, October 3, 2019, 5:30pm-7:30pm

Thursday, October 10, 2019, 5:30pm-7:30pm

Naples Accelerator

3510 Kraft Rd, Suite 200

Naples, FL 34105


$30 per session when registering online. $50 when registering for Part 1 and 2.


“Advanced Networking (2-Part Series)”

The Advanced Networking Series is for all types of networkers who want to (or have to) build business through personal interactions. From quick tips to the deep psychology of effective networking, this course will ease nerves and build your capability for connecting with others. The first session is packed with preparation tactics and interpersonal interaction strategies, while the second session builds on mechanics and creates a system that helps you actually earn money from your efforts. The program addresses both in-person and online networking.

Session 1 focuses on what you think and do before and during a networking event in order to make yourself more successful. It also addresses how to handle different situations that arise while you are networking. The Session 2 focuses on the more physical aspects of networking as well as using networking to actually make money and grow your business.


Jessica Macera is an award-winning speaker, writer and consultant who has been part of profitably developing four of her own businesses primarily through local networking and referrals. Talking to so many people, she and another savvy networker realized that most networkers are attempting to earn their living through networking but are often uncomfortable in and unprepared for this role. The two partnered to develop this fun and impactful series on networking, and Macera has continued to offer the presentation to networking groups for more than a decade.

Macera pairs her extensive networking experience with her doctoral studies on thriving in small business, teamwork and business psychology to bring you a program that will change the way you network for the better.


For registration and to make payment: go to, or call 239 430 0081.

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