Bonita Springs: Show Us Your Moves

Bonita Springs: Show Us Your Moves

With season in full swing, our area is ‘on the move’ with walkers, cyclists, runners, swimmers and golfers. This influx of seasonal residents and visitors, along with the fresh start of the new year, makes this the perfect time for Healthy Lee to launch the Million Mile Movement—a challenge to Lee County to move 1,000,000 miles by March 31. You’re invited to join in and help us reach the goal by tracking your movement.

Take steps toward a healthier lifestyle by walking, running, biking, swimming, dancing or just about any movement activity that covers ground. The Million Mile Movement is a fun way to get moving and energize our bodies and our minds.  It’s also a great opportunity to unify our community, working toward a common goal.  And, our beaches, malls, parks, rivers, downtown areas and neighborhoods offer some of the most beautiful scenery to enjoy while we’re getting in our miles—that’s why thousands of people visit our community every year!

To encourage the community to get active, the challenge is open to all Lee County residents and businesses. By engaging our community, we all are supporting Healthy Lee’s mission to empower and inspire healthy lifestyle choices through education and action. Most people don’t move enough unless they purposely resolve to do so; the Million Mile Movement is a challenge to do just that.

It starts with the first step – joining the challenge. Register to participate in the Million Mile Movement at Set a goal – something you know you can accomplish (and maybe a little more). Join an existing team, or create a new team with your neighbors, your church, civic organization, co-workers or your family. Remember, a support system will help you stay on track. Next, get moving, and track your miles on the website. The website even includes a converter tool to change many kinds of activities into miles.

If you already have a regular activity routine, join the challenge and log your miles. Ask your clients, patrons, employees and vendors to join your team; challenge other businesses to beat your goal. Help break up the workday with a daily walk around the office or host a walking meeting that encourages activity and interaction among co-workers.

If you think our goal is lofty, consider this: With an estimated population of 702,000 in 2016, each Lee County only needs to log a mere 1.5 miles during the challenge period to meet our goal!  So, come on, Bonita Springs, join the challenge and show us your moves. Working together, every step will get us closer to our goal of a healthier community.

If you are not familiar with Healthy Lee, it is an award-winning collaboration of more than 300 health care providers, social service agencies, non-profits and business organizations that are coordinating efforts to improve our community’s health. Now in its 10th year, Healthy Lee has had a significant impact on improving the health of Lee County, and access to medical care. In the most recent community health assessment, Lee County reported a 15% drop in obesity, a 35% drop in childhood obesity, gains in physical activity, increases in access to routine medical checkups and a drop in serious disease, such as heart disease and stroke.

Mary Andrews is Lee Health’s System Director of Government and Community Relations.

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