BRAXTON COLLEGE and Bonita Springs Fire & Rescue training center Host 25 Chilean Firefighters from Santiago for Training in Bonita Springs

Braxton College and the Bonita Springs Fire & Rescue Training center are joiningforces in presenting an educational fire training program for 25 Chilean Fire Fighters this week. TheChilean-American company, Free Spirit USA has developed this training in partnership with Braxtoncollege under their newly created education division. The firefighters, known in Chile as Bomberos, willgo through a week of drills, exercises and live fire training at the Bonita Springs Fire & Rescue Trainingcenter in order to train their own teams at their facilities back home.

When: Wednesday, December 5ft, 2 p.m.

Where: Bonita Springs Fire & Rescue Training center, 27701 Bonita Grande Dr, Bonita Springs,FL 34135

Members of the media and public are encouraged to attend. Instructors, event organizers and trainees will be available for interview. The training will include live structural firefighting, vehicle fires and propanegas fire drills. On-site interviews can be arranged by Braxton College, Richard Gonzalez – upon your arrival.

All of the firefighters in the country of Chile are volunteer firefighters, making this training especiallycrucial. The Chilean Bomberos from the city of MAIPU in Santiago will learn tools and preparation skillsthat they can take with them when they return to Chile and continue to train their volunteer staff on safe and appropriate procedure in fighting fires.

Special guest instructors from Coral Spring, Margate and Miami Dade Florida. will facilitate training and translate the drills and will also be providing the Chile Bomberos with take-home kits, in Spanish, that they can use for further training.

Richard Gonzalez, Director of the Public Safety Braxton College has been working with his team and several other organizers to put the training together. He will be onsite during the week long Advanced Fire Training course.

“Ultimately we’re hoping to send them home with a lot of tools to use back in Chile for training their own firefighters,” Gonzalez said. “We want to arm them with techniques and strategies that they might not currently have or considered. We can send them home with some additional knowledge and tools in their toolbox.”Event organizers and departments sending instructors for the Chile Bomberos training includes Free SpiritUSA, Braxton College and Bonita Springs Fire Department.

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