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BREXIT: What does it mean to your Intellectual Property in Europe?

By: Mark Nieds, Esq. By a slim margin, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union (EU) last week. Via the European Union Trademark System and the European Patent Convention a trademark or patent owner had the ability to secure protection across all EU member states by a single, unified registration. Of course, EU […]

Why Employers Need to Review Employment and Confidentiality Agreements in Light of the Newly-Enacted Defense of Trade Secrets Act

The Defense of Trade Secrets Act (“DTSA”) was signed into law and creates a federal legal scheme for the protection of trade secrets. Previously, protection of this form of intellectual property was solely a matter of state law, unlike patent, trademark and copyright, which have always been matters of federal law. The DTSA has a […]

The SharePoint Ecosystem is Helping SMEs Gain a Competitive Advantage without Breaking the Bank

So you’re an SME and you have needs, needs that just aren’t being met… One of those biggest needs is technology. You really need software that will boost efficiency, increase sales, and simply MAKE LIFE EASIER. But your options are limited and you often struggle to find financing, right? Over and over you feel slighted […]

Data Breach!!! Are you ready?

By Mark Nieds Henderson, Franklin Attorney’s at Law Hacking, security breaches and data theft are not laughing matters.  However, people in the IT security industry often joke there are two types of computer systems—those who have been breached and those that will be breached.  As hackers get more sophisticated and data theft becomes more lucrative, more […]

Helping Customers Find your Business Online Through the Forest

Search Engine Optimization 101 By: Herb Techmer, Owner of Think Local Design & Online Solutions Aren’t all of the community tree plantings taking place in Bonita Springs, Florida just fantastic! As local communities continue to “soften commercial zones”, the small business owner who relies on their brick and mortar shop gaining exposure along the main road […]

Keeping Your Business Relevant in a Technology Based Society

By Colleen Jorgensen, Sprint Corporate New systems are always being developed to help productivity and profits in your industry.  Many business like yours, have added technology to increase worker productivity, cut expenses, and add to the value of their business.  There are important steps to consider when deciding to add or upgrade your systems. Talk […]

How to decide to go to the cloud

By Stephan Gmelin, PCX Technologies, Inc. The most important question to ask yourselves is: Do I have a compelling business case? Circumstances where a compelling business case for cloud computing can be made are: Rapid Business Capacity & Scalability requirements Partner Collaboration – Information and services need sharing between participants, using a common collaboration process […]