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Recycling Pros

By John Benkert, MBA Chief Executive Officer, CPR Tools, Inc. The headline reads, “Fort Myers man’s junked iPad ends up at Georgia company” and the opening sentence is, “(INSERT YOUR NAME HERE)….wants to know how an iPad Air he thought was destroyed at a Lee County recycling center instead ended up with the owner of a […]

Can virtual credit cards make your business more efficient?

By CSI globalVCard Earlier this year, CFO Magazine reported on the growing need for more secure payments and cited virtual cards as the answer to many pains experienced by financial executives today, including security threats, costly paper checks and inefficient accounting processes. First let’s clear up the most important thing; What is a virtual credit […]

Why Browserwrap, Clickwrap and Barnes & Noble Matter to Your E-Commerce Website

By Mark Nieds Terms of Use Agreements (TOU) are important to any entity that conducts business via the Internet. TOU provisions contain, usually, items like limitations on acceptable use of a website or app, site participant conduct and in e-commerce applications, important limitations of liability, warranty exclusions, and dispute resolution terms. Generically speaking, TOU documents […]

The “Cloud” – What is it? What is it good for?

By Stephan Gmelin, PCX Technologies, Inc. It seems every time you open a newspaper or a news website there is another reference to the “Cloud”. Everyone in the marketing industry seems to be touting “Cloud” Computing as the future.  Here is the thing though; the term has different meanings to different people. If you use […]

The Pitfalls of Informal Confidentiality Arrangements

By:  Mark Nieds, Esquire Business relationships often lead to the exchange of sensitive information or access to highly confidential matter. When faced with this situation, is it enough to merely tell your business partner that something is confidential? According to a recent decision, it appears the answer is no. Trade secrets are those things that […]

EMV and the October 2015 Liability Shift – Are You Ready?

By Zach Maciosek, Sales Representative at Elite Payment Systems What is EMV? EMV, or Europay MasterCard Visa, is a fraud-reducing technology that can help protect issuers, merchants and consumers against losses from the use of counterfeit and lost or stolen payment cards at the point-of-sale. Imbedded Chip Layers of secure technology – Virtually impossible to counterfeit An […]

Google Mobile Update & How It Affects Your Business

By Zach Katkin, President of Atilus   Google’s mobile update has far-reaching implications for your website and business. Although the effects will be limited in the short term, in the longer term Google’s making a clear statement and more aggressively pushing businesses in a specific direction than ever before. Read this quick and easy blog post to […]