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Clinical Mental Health Counseling Degrees Can Make a Powerful Impact

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Degrees Can Make a Powerful Impact By Nicole Roe, Marketing & Strategic Content Writer, Hodges University To the young girl facing anxiety, to the man struggling to deal with financial obligations, to the woman desperate to resolve marital issues, and to the couple needing help with their child’s behavior, you are […]

What is Branded Content?

What is Branded Content? An effective tactic for getting in front of audiences when they’re most receptive  A Seamless Approach Your message, which may take the form of an article, a video, or an interactive piece, is presented in the style and context of surrounding content, making it more relevant and less intrusive. Connect In-Depth […]

Joined in Health

Joined in Health After 100 years of caring for the community, Lee Memorial Health System is now Lee Health. While we are still caring people, caring for people building on our legacy of leading-edge, compassionate, patient-centered care, we are ready to begin our second century of caring for Southwest Florida as Caring People. Inspiring Health. […]

8 “Must-Have” Technology Certifications to Benefit Your Future Career

8 “Must-Have” Technology Certifications to Benefit Your Future Career By Nicole Roe, Marketing & Strategic Content Writer, Hodges University Imagine a tripod. It has three legs, each of which relies on the other two to provide support. However, if one leg were to be removed, the stability of the tripod would be compromised. This is […]

Realtors: Compete in Today’s Marketplace

Realtors: Compete in today’s marketplace. According to the National Association of Realtors, online searches are now the number one starting point for homebuyers. Even if you’re not on the Web, rest assured, your competition is. Or, maybe you already have a website, but limited technology keeps it from delivering the results you’d like. Either way, […]

Skipping this Small Step Could Cause Big Delays in Selling Your Home

By: Sharon M. Green, Licensed Title Agent at Gulf Title Guaranty Agency, LLC. You may be surprised to learn that there are nearly 200 important tasks that a home seller’s real estate agent must do in order to successfully complete a sales transaction. However, there is one task in particular that can save everyone involved […]

The Value of Experiential Learning in College

By: Mrs. Nicole Roe, Marketing and Strategic Content Writer at Hodges University Steven Mintz, executive director of the University of Texas System’s Institute for Transformational Learning and professor of history at the University of Texas at Austin, describes experiential education as a type of learning that “is largely an ‘add-on’” in higher education. “These real […]

A Florida SBDC Success Story: CPR Tools, Inc. Fort Myers

CPR Tools, Inc. is a woman-owned small business, owned and operated by John and Sue Benkert. The Benkert’s began working for CPR Tools in 2004, John as a Senior Computer Scientist and Sue as the office manager.  There were seven employees when John started at CPR Tools. He quickly determined the company’s potential went beyond […]

9 Quick Facts about Newspaper Media

“9 Quick Facts about Newspaper Media” is full of information about the interesting ways in which newspaper media are expanding their digital reach and growing their social media presence, mobile use, and advertising opportunities. Under the 9 Quick Facts are supporting data points from comScore and Nielsen Scarborough on newspaper digital reach and categories of […]