CEO’s CORNER: An Interview with MY Shower Door Owner, Bill Daubmann

B Daubmann

What were some early influences for you?
I had a few very good influences on me. The biggest one is my wife Donna, who strongly suggested that we should be in business for ourselves. There were a number of reasons but the strongest was because of the belief that she had that we could do it on our own.

Tell me about your parents.
My father was a very hardworking parent and great father and my mother was a chemist and was responsible for developing the “hard cover” golf balls for Spaudling Golf Ball division. She was credited with the TopFlite and Molitor golf balls along with her immediate boss…Bob Molitor.

Do you remember when you first became a manager?
It is easy to remember my first manager position (1986) because when we started our business, I was managing both of our sons…Keith and Doug. From there we hire a few local neighbors and then, we just continued to expand.

What were some early leadership lessons for you?
The leadership lessons that I learned came from different sources. I took both good and bad prior situations and the blended my own way of doing things.  I played sports most of my childhood and had both good and poor coaches with a wide variety of personalities and communication skills. I quickly noticed which coaches got the best out of their players and how they communicated their ideas to the players. It was just being aware of what was happening around me and absorbing all of the information so that I could evaluate my own way of communication.

Tell me about the culture of your company.
The culture of MY Shower Door is very much a “Can Do” attitude. We strive to please our customers and give them the best product and service experience that they have ever received. I truly believe that it is the attitude of our staff that has carried us through the recession and allowed us to grow as quick as we have.

What are some of your weaknesses?
As far as my weaknesses are concerned, I would say that I did not have a formal “business” education. I would have like to have more knowledge in phases of business such as financing and leveraging. People say that we should take our business concept and grow more rapidly because it is a winning concept. We are currently working on those items.

How do you hire?
We mostly hire after careful evaluation of attitude, and reliability based upon references. We are a drug free, equal opportunity employer so we have to be extremely careful on our hires because we send our technicians into customer’s homes.

What advice do you give new college grads?
I would strongly advise college students to focus on interpersonal skills, public speaking and confidence building. These are qualities that I look for in potential job candidates. Also, to learn as much about the specific field of expertise that they want to proceed in along with associated fields that intertwine with their primary field of knowledge.

Anything else you would like to add?
I would like to add that I feel EXTREMELY fortunate to have such a great family. We have all been working together since 1986 and our bond is very strong. We are grateful that our daughter-in-laws understand the direction we are heading and that they support our cause. Additionally, we feel that it is also important to be involved in the community. We sponsor local golf charity events, support our local Make-A-Wish chapter by granting wishes for children with life threatening conditions, and donate to Funds that provide scholarships for smart, less fortunate students. It is involvement that makes us appreciate what we have and can do for our local community.

Douglas, Bill, & Keith Daubmann

Douglas, Bill, & Keith Daubmann

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