Community Advancement Application

As the voice of business, the Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to keeping our region competitive and improving the business climate. One of the best ways we can achieve these goals is through open collaborative communications with businesses throughout the region. The Chamber is proud to work on behalf of our members to advocate positions and take on projects that contribute to the growth and prosperity of our region.

One of the first steps in this process is to open the lines of communications to assess and identify priority projects and issues that the Chamber can address and have an impact on. This initiative is designed to bridge the academic, private and public-sector interests to develop a common agenda for action which will enhance and improve the greater Bonita Springs area.

This application is your chance to have a say in what programs, initiatives and policies the Chamber can address. The Chamber doesn’t just want to identify ambitious goals, we want you to assist to identify goals that are achievable and can have an impact. If you were CEO of the greater Bonita Springs area, what would be your agenda? What would you like to see accomplished to promote an environment where business can grow and prosper, and enhance the quality of life of the Bonita Springs area?