Google Mobile Update & How It Affects Your Business

By Zach Katkin, President of Atilus

Google’s mobile update has far-reaching implications for your website and business. Although the effects will be limited in the short term, in the longer term Google’s making a clear statement and more aggressively pushing businesses in a specific direction than ever before. Read this quick and easy blog post to gain an understanding of what’s happened, what’s about to happen, and how you can jump out in front of this mobile update to continue to gain as much business from search engines as possible.


Mobilgeddon – can we Internet marketers be any more dramatic? I was talking with a friend who works at a Newspaper doing  digital sales and she was shocked I wasn’t more excited about the impending doom – “Q2 in 2015 is Mobilegeddon! Most of the geeks like you in my office are so excited. Like, it’s Y2K all over again. I’m surprised you don’t care more.” Wow, there’s a lot to unpack there. Subtle digs aside, we’re not that concerned.

Let’s take this step-by-step:

What’s Changing at Google (With Mobile)

For some time mobile and tablet use has been skyrocketing. In fact last year (2014) we saw the use of non-desktop devices (Tablets, Mobile Phones, peacocks, etc.) out number PC’s online. At this point mobile and desktop use are virtually deadlocked. If mobile devices haven’t this very second beaten out desktops, they surely will by end of year. However, of most interesting note, is search – take a look at the table below from


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