Hodges University EMS Paramedic Team Places First in Challenge

May 14, 2019 –NAPLES/FORT MYERS, FLA – Students in the Emergency Medical Services Paramedic program at Hodges University placed first during the Sixth Annual Panther EMS Challenge, hosted by Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth. The team won in the student category.

The Hodges team, Cody Allen, Michael D’Angelo, Thomas Munro and Kevin Murphy, along with instructor Cassandra Fersch, tested their abilities to assess, react, diagnose, and treat patients during three scenarios.

At each emergency, the Paramedic students encountered people portraying victims, as well as computerized patient simulators.

“One of our EMS instructors, Adam Thompson, is the one who encouraged the students to enter this competition. These students are only in their first semester, but they competed skillfully against teams that have been Paramedics for years,” said Jeff Ziomek, EMS Paramedic program chair, Hodges University. “With the knowledge they have gained so far, they were able to defeat the other teams. We are really proud of how well they did.”

”Even though it’s only our first semester, we’ve learned a lot,” said Hodges Paramedic student Kevin Murphy. “It was a lot of practice, and a lot of late days after class.”

“Staying late and practicing, you pick up a lot from the other students,” said another Hodges Paramedic student Michael D’Angelo. “Training like this helps you grind in the basics that you use in everyday situations. This was a lot of fun.”

All four students plan to compete in two more competitions later this year.

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