Keeping Your Business Relevant in a Technology Based Society

By Colleen Jorgensen, Sprint Corporate

New systems are always being developed to help productivity and profits in your industry.  Many business like yours, have added technology to increase worker productivity, cut expenses, and add to the value of their business.  There are important steps to consider when deciding to add or upgrade your systems.

  • Talk about your ideas with your employees. Many of your employees are current on new technology and may have additional ideas for you.  This will also allow you to gauge the level of training that you may need to implement with the new processes that you are planning.
  • Look at benefits of the new solution. Is this going to be a time and money saver for a few or for the many.  When moving forward with a solution, make sure that it is not a burden on your employees.  What may save you money with features and expenses, may cost you in other areas.
  • Test product and or service. Don’t make the mistake of handing off your new solution without testing and try the test with a beginner.  You will get an accurate feel of product by using it in the field and with someone who is not familiar with it.  Most companies that promote new products and solutions, that are reputable, will allow a testing or Try-Buy session.
  • Lunch and Learns are great ways to introduce the new solution to your employees. A pizza party with the vendor can add excitement as well as an educational format.  Standard trainings tend to lose attention and willingness to learn and participate.
  • Implement one solution at a time. It is best to educate and train employees on one new solution to gauge its effectiveness.  When deploying two or more, it is impossible to make an educated guess on what is working and what is not.  It will overwhelm your employees and frustrated workers will not give you accurate feedback.

The final step to adding technology to your business is to work with a consultant that is knowledgeable about solutions and can give you choices of products.  There are consulting firms that will spend time in your business, see needs and help you develop a list of vendors to talk with about various solutions.

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