More Support for the Bonita Springs High School

“Personally and Professionally, I do support a High School in the Bonita Springs jurisdiction.  I think our current growth and future growth will depend a great deal on having a local school for our residents.  The current growth rate indicators tells us that it is a necessity for the city.   With that said, do I support one location over another?   At this moment, I do not have a preference nor do I have enough information to weigh on the specific location.   I am sure our local government body has done extensive surveys and can advise the tax payers accordingly as to one location over another.  With that said, I am sure the residents around each location have their views and concerns for why the location of the new school should not be in their back yard for obvious reasons.  At the end of the day a school is coming, not sure where or when, but the city needs it and I am sure they will do the best they can for everyone involved.”

– Michael Burke, KW Real Estate Agent & President of Bonita Springs Estero Association of Realtors.

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