What is Branded Content?

What is Branded Content?
An effective tactic for getting in front of audiences when they’re most receptive

 A Seamless Approach ndn-picture
Your message, which may take the form of an article, a video, or an interactive piece, is presented in the style and context of surrounding content, making it more relevant and less intrusive.

Connect In-Depth
Branded content affords you the opportunity to inspire, inform and entertain your audience, engaging them in ways that build brand affinity. The best branded content is so compelling viewers share it, expanding the scope of your messaging in an organic way.

Our Way
In partnering with us, your branded content benefits from the credibility of Naples Daily News. And we work to ensure your message gets in front of the right audience at the right time across the best platforms.

To learn more about telling your organization’s story on NaplesNews.com, contact your Daily News account executive or call 239-213-6000.


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