Ocean Habitats to Launch ‘Thousand Reef Challenge’ on Earth Day to Protect Florida’s Waters

Fort Myers, Florida – Ocean Habitat’s unique ‘mini-reef’ structure attracts and produces marine life and filters water in polluted coastal waterways. Installed under docks, the Mini Reef supports hundreds of fish and crabs when fully developed and can filter on average 30,000 gallons of water a day per unit.

“We strive to fulfill our mission of bringing coastal waters to life” said David Wolff, Ocean Habitats founder. “You look around the canals and it’s a biological desert everywhere, it’s amazing what’s growing on our units in these same canals.”

Located at Fish-Tale Marina, 7225 Estero Blvd Fort Myers Beach beginning at 10 am on Earth Day (April 22nd) Ocean Habitats, Inc will host an event where they will launch the Thousand Reef Challenge and the One Reef Project to track the results. “We couldn’t be more excited to participate in the ‘Thousand Reef Challenge’. As a State of Florida Clean and Resilient Marina, along with having Fish-Tale Waterfront Dining designated as an Ocean Friendly Restaurant, this project demonstrates our ongoing commitment to protecting our waters”, says Fish-Tale Marina owner Al Durrett.

The foundation will announce a push for sponsors to donate towards funding installation of 1,000 new units into Florida’s waters over the summer.

Wolff says “The One Reef Project will track what we are doing – how much water is being filtered, how many units are going in and how many fish are being produced,” he said.

In attendance will be groups and leaders such as Garrett Stuart known as Captain Planet of the Eco Preservation Project will be speaking about supporting the push to get more units funded and installed.

Florida Gulf Coast University marine and ecological studies associate professor James Douglass will also attend and address the press with his support for the project.

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