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Recycling prosBy John Benkert, MBA
Chief Executive Officer, CPR Tools, Inc.

The headline reads, “Fort Myers man’s junked iPad ends up at Georgia company” and the opening sentence is, “(INSERT YOUR NAME HERE)….wants to know how an iPad Air he thought was destroyed at a Lee County recycling center instead ended up with the owner of a Georgia tree service.”

I left the person’s name out but feel free to put your name in that space.  Why?  Because this happens all of the time.   Companies and individuals leave the data erasure up to someone that has little to no experience doing it.  The best one is when they give their recycling to a guy in a beat up pickup truck that says he is getting rid of their data but really is just selling the stuff to the highest bidder and making a quick buck.

Imagine every time you park your car you give the keys to the closest stranger and ask them to watch it for you and walk away…would you do that?  Well giving your computers, smart phones, tablets, to someone without erasing all of the data first is the same thing.  At some point that car is going to be stolen  and at some point your identity is in the latter situation.

I have been working on data security for over 25 years and have seen it all!  So what do you do?  Easy.  Hire a professional to perform the erasure for you or purchase a product and do it yourself (I know a good company for both…of course I also own it!).

At the end of the day much like everything else protecting your data is a choice…you can choose to do it or not but don’t be surprised when your laptop ends up in the hands of a tree service in Georgia or the hands of a thief somewhere else.

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