Sales-Tax Holiday Extension

Sales-Tax Holiday Extension

Gov. Rick Scott is proposing to extend the back-to-school sales-tax holiday to ten days. Part of his re-election year proposal is to cut taxes and fees by 500 million. Extending back-to-school sales-tax would more than triple its current length of time.  According to Scott, extension of this holiday has happened before, but ten days is longer than usual.  

During the back-to-school holiday, families will not have to pay local or state taxes on select items and amounts such as: writing utensils, notebooks, clothing, and electronic equipment.  The holiday has been fixed at three days for the past four years.  This proposal would allow families to save money, and invest elsewhere. According to John Fleming, Spokesman for the Florida Retail Federation, any slowdown in spending from the consumer savings will be allocated to other purchases not covered by the exemption. Fleming says, “There might some shifting of spending, but it really does increase sales overall.”

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By Vita C, Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce Intern

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