Should You Abandon Your Traditional Marketing Because You are Using Social Media?

Everywhere you go, especially on the internet; it can be easily assumed that traditional marketing is “a thing of the past” because the next bigger and better idea has arrived in social media.  How true is this belief?

The pros of social media are clear, with technology and interactive communication being our reality, it seems as though social media is the easiest and quickest way to reach your target audience.  In September of 2012, Forbes Magazine published an article titled, “Why Traditional Marketing Trumps Social Media, And What To Do About It” (  The article shared the importance of using social media alongside your current marketing strategy, creating a more rounded marketing approach. 

The biggest con of social media is losing the face-to-face contact with consumers.  This is where traditional marketing and the Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce can help.  We know the area, and we are dedicated to your success. As a Chamber member, you are able to list coupons on our website to offer a discount to area visitors and residents.  You can also bring your marketing materials into the chamber so that visitors can discover your business.  The Chamber will help you discover cost effective ways to use traditional marketing to your advantage and take advantage of the tools that are already included in your chamber membership.

ImageAbout the Author: Dianna Sandora is an Intern for the Bonita Springs Chamber, Blogger, Author and Cat Lover; connect with her on Twitter ,Google+ and LinkedIn.

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