Support for the Bonita Springs High School

Paloma resident in favor of the Imperial Site for Bonita Springs High School

Good Afternoon! Please accept this email in SUPPORT of building the Bonita Springs High School at the Imperial Parkway location. I am a resident of Paloma that owns my property. We have two school aged children and are very much in support of a high school at this location.

We are not the only residents that support this initiative. Almost EVERY resident that is under 50 or has school age or young children supports this site. There are also residents that are retirees that support this. We may have a few vocal residents that are opposed, but please know that they are incorrect if they are representing themselves as the majority.

A high school being located so close to our homes will be a great thing for our community. Please do not let the negative opinions of our loudest residents sway the opinion of the school board. They are not representative of our community as a whole nor are they thinking about what is best for Bonita Springs as a whole. They are only concerned with themselves and prohibiting any positive change.

Thank you!

Alexis Darrus

Paloma resident

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