Take the 5210 Pledge for Health

May 1, 2017

Healthy Lee is excited to bring back the 5210 Pledge. We hope you’re excited to begin your journey to a healthier you, as well as your family, by committing to the 5210 Pledge. Share your journey during the 5210 Pledge to help motivate others and encourage those who haven’t taken the pledge to do so. If you have already taken the 5210 Pledge, congratulations on taking a step towards healthier habits; if you haven’t, you can take the Pledge here.  

Healthy Lee is a community collaboration working together to help educate members of the Lee County community on healthy habits that can be applied to the entire family in order to improve their health and wellness, working to make individuals and families throughout Southwest Florida a little bit healthier and to do so, they’re introducing a family fun challenge. The 5210 Pledge is a Healthy Lee initiative that encourages the Lee County community to adopt healthier habits that can be applied to the entire family in order to achieve optimal health and wellness. Throughout the summer, Healthy Lee encourages you to make changes to your habits by initiating each month’s focused habits. Our hope is, by the end of summer, you will have built four healthy habits.

The 5210 Pledge is easy and simple. During the 5210 Pledge, we encourage you to commit to the following healthy habits:

  • May: eat at least 5 servings of vegetables & fruits every day!
  • June: limit recreational screen time to 2 hours or less per day!
  • July: commit to 1 hour or more of physical activity every day!
  • August: choose to drink 0 sugar-sweetened drinks and drink more water!

By taking the pledge you’ll try to do each item once a month through August, the goals is that once you’ve completed one moth of the pledge you’ll carry that over to the next month and so on. By the end of the pledge you’ll hopefully be familiar and comfortable with living a healthy lifestyle and you’ll stick with it. 

When you take the pledge you’ll also get helpful resources and recipes sent to your email to help you stay on track throughout the pledge. To sign up and join click here and for more information about living healthy, visit: www.healthylee.com.

Follow us and post your progress with social media using #5210Pledge! Have a healthy eating tip to share? Spread the pledge using #5210Pledge on your social media networks! Invite friends and family to take the pledge to better health! 

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