The SharePoint Ecosystem is Helping SMEs Gain a Competitive Advantage without Breaking the Bank

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So you’re an SME and you have needs, needs that just aren’t being met…

One of those biggest needs is technology. You really need software that will boost efficiency, increase sales, and simply MAKE LIFE EASIER. But your options are limited and you often struggle to find financing, right?

Over and over you feel slighted by the software companies that continually develop solutions tailored not for you, but for the big guys. That means they’re PRICY and so COMPLEX that your employees find impressively creative ways to avoid using them. If you do happen to find an inexpensive alternative, it’s usually a ready-made solution that doesn’t quite fit your needs and is STILL too complicated.

In a world where technology advances wildly every day, why is so hard to find affordable, user-friendly business software that actually addresses your needs?!

Well HyperTeam heard your frustration and we did something about it…

Actually, we did more than one thing. We developed an entire ecosystem dedicated to addressing the needs of SMEs. Adding to the already stellar SharePoint platform, these applications EMPOWER SMEs and give them CHOICE by offering comprehensive cloud based solutions that are easy to use, simple to implement, and flexible enough to scale with them as they grow.

The best part? HyperTeam works with every client to make sure that their solution is a perfect fit! We do this by taking the time to understand your business processes, company needs, and future plans. With this information we quickly customize our existing solutions just for you or we design something completely new!

HyperTeam’s SharePoint ecosystem allows SMEs to do more while paying less…

Available on any device anywhere, anytime, HyperTeam’s solutions work together not only to help SMES automate, track, and manage their day to day business processes, but also to analyze their business information in real-time. This increased insight, flexibility, and control sharpens business performance and saves SMEs valuable time and money.

Even better, HyperTeam’s SharePoint ecosystem guarantees a strong ROI. This is because the intuitive, user-friendly interface requires minimal training. Employees become experts in no time, which means SMEs can quickly utilize and gain value from their investment. Moreover, they have greater financial flexibility, as they can purchase the software outright or pay an affordable monthly fee based on their number of users.  Finally, the ecosystem allows companies to purchase only the applications they need and makes it easy for them to add to their arsenal as they expand. They can even integrate HyperTeam’s solutions with their existing programs, making implementation cost-effective and a breeze!

 HyperTeam’s SharePoint ecosystem grows every day to accommodate even the most unique needs…

The HyperTeam SharePoint ecosystem is an extensive and diverse platform on which SMEs can gain the competitive edge necessary to grow. Our solutions are designed to help improve efficiency, speed up sales, save money, lessen employee and customer frustration, and enhance collaboration.

We currently have solutions that tackle issues such as project management, contract management, HR management, invoice management, and even complaint handling. We customize time sheets, intranet portals, phonebook applications, board meeting solutions, expense tracking applications, and much more. Furthermore, we’re always adding to our SharePoint Ecosystem, so you never have to worry that we can’t accommodate your needs –no matter how unique they are!

And coming soon are our customer portals, CRM system, and one page project management solution.   We’ll even be in the Microsoft App Service Center to make purchasing, implementing, and using our solutions simpler than ever! Find out more at


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