Technology Advice at Your Fingertips

Christine Ross HeadshotBy: Christine Ross, MBA, MS, IOM, President & CEO, Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce and Executive Director, Bonita Springs Estero Economic Development Council

One aspect of business that keeps me up at night is wondering if our organization is technically optimized. Do we have the most effective processes in place? Are we using technology efficiently to maximize productivity? Is there a way that we could be more organized from a contact and content management perspective?  Does data security grow on trees or in the cloud?

I should be joking about that last question, but am I really?  Many small business owners are facing the conundrum of stepping back from the daily operations and asking themselves if there is a more efficient way to be doing business. Is my customer’s information safe? Should we build own website or hire a digital marketing company? How do I choose where my email system is hosted?

These are all valid questions. Helpful information about technology should not be a hidden in dark winding streets of an underground world. It should be up here on the surface where our business community is trying to make decisions on how to grow their bottom line.

At last, our Chamber members have created a solution! A few months ago our Technology Roundtable was formed with the purpose of discussing these questions, as well as, creating articles, blog posts, how-to guides and advice columns for our local business community. There will be information designed for beginners and for those that have intermediate and advanced knowledge. This is a group of the Chamber’s brightest technology minds coming together to decipher what you really need to know.

The information will be posted in full on the Chamber’s Blog: It will also be shared via social media on Facebook:, twitter: @BonitaAREAChamber, LinkedIn and in the Chamber’s monthly electronic newsletter. Like us, follow us and subscribe to helpful news by contacting

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