What does Full Phase One mean for your business?

Full Phase One began today at 12:01 a.m. – what does that mean for you?

Social distancing guidelines should still be observed and face masks worn whenever possible.

Restaurants and retailers can operate at up to 50% capacity indoors.

Bars are still closed.

Museums and libraries can operate at up to 50% capacity (the final say on this will be made by each local government).

Gyms and fitness centers can operate at 50% capacity, with individuals responsible for sanitizing equipment after each use.

Barbershops, hair and nail salons can re-open.

Elective surgeries may resume, but facilities must remain prepared to handle a surge in COVID-19 cases.Visits to hospitals and senior living facilities are still prohibited.

Professionals sports teams are welcome to operate throughout Florida.

Counties may seek approval to operate vacation rentals.

Read the Governor’s Executive Order here.

Navigate the reopening of your business with this guide from the U.S. Chamber. It includes helpful information about communicating to clients that you’re open and helping employees operate in a safe way.

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